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This just in...


But thank the sweet lord the birdies inside MLS are as sane as some of us in the flock outside. Can you imagine?

The horror indeed.

In other news, football-brain-in-a-jar Jonathan Wilson says, in reference to our DP's wing duties with Montenegro...

Boskovic, who never settled in France, rebuilt his career at Rapid Vienna and is now at DC United in the US, is a calmer, more languid figure, who admits he does not really relish the defensive responsibility that comes with his new position. (full story)

Shocking, I'm sure.

This is part of the reason I don't see him as a solid fit in a holding pair in midfield. So do you let him play-make in front of a holding pair? If so, where does that leave Hernandez? Maybe go diamond with shuttling wide-men? That kinda blunts Najar...unless you play him up top of course. Hmmm.

Transmission over.

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