Deploy the Digital Scouts! (Part Deux)

Reader rob asked to see the Football Manager stats for Rodrigo Brasesco that I was looking at for the initial "Deploy the Digital Scouts!" post, they are (in the 11.2.0 update database viewed with the FM2011 data editor). Note that a "0" rating usually doesn't indicate a 0 out of 20 (most ratings are out of 20). Rather it essentially says to the game "no specified data, make it up using the given ability levels, position, etc." Of course, it goes without saying that those with religious objections to seeing the magic behind the curtain should click away now so as not to sully their experience of the game by having any view of the editor or its secret sauce. The rest of you...carry on.

Let's begin with the hidden attributes, where we see a fairly professional and loyal dude who's decent under pressure and unlikely to stir the pot.

The general stats indicate a better than average (though hardly world-beating) player, primarily right-footed, with a good reputation at home in Uruguay but little recognition worldwide.

Positionally (and here the zeroes are just that), he's a natural right back, an accomplished center back, and can fill in on the left in a pinch.

Mentally (and for the remainder of these screen grabs, a zero means "not specified"), he's slightly above average, highlights being work rate, teamwork, and determination).

Physically, he's quick off the mark with good lung capacity, strong but nothing too special in the air.

Technically, he's pretty middle of the road, not so hot on the ball and merely average (for a defender) at marking and tackling, the primary defensive skills. His heading is the most notable skill (as Chest observed in his intensive YouTube analysis), though below-average dribbling, crossing, and passing skills mean he's most likely to provide offensive help from set pieces.

Of course, I'm not saying any of this is meant to be taken as gospel, and I'll certainly form my own opinions when we get a first-hand look, but, like rob, I'll trust the FM researchers over a YouTube clip any day of the week.


  1. I'm inclined to trust the FM network of scouts, for lack of a better word, over the highlight video that I watched twice through and surgically picked apart (can you tell it's the offseason?). After all, it's a highlight video, and he's a defender. What we need is evidence that he can do the routine, boring stuff well. For all we know, those proactive tackles and soaring headers were the exception, not the rule.

  2. Of course. And that's why we're all sitting here twiddling our metaphorical posting thumbs and scrutinizing video clips and video game data ;-). That said, his FM stats would probably lead me to keep him in the side in an FM game with the current iteration of United. Castillo, on the other hand, I dropped tout de suite. The FM scouts were dead-on with his "usefulness."

    Maybe we should pony up the $ to send Kasper/Payne a copy...