Deploy the Digital Scouts!

For those interested in this sort of thing, I had a little poke through the Football Manager 2011 database to see what exactly I could find out about Rodrigo Brasesco, assuming that those who rated him there might have a more intimate view of his capabilities than a YouTube clip. According to said profile...

  • He'll be choosing the #3. It's listed as his preferred number, and I don't think anybody on the current roster wears #3.
  • He's professional, loyal, handles pressure situations reasonably well, and causes little controversy. Combined with stats that indicate a hard working, determined leader, you can see why he'd be wearing the captain's armband at his previous club, even at the age of 24.
  • Positionally, he's rated as being a natural right back (20 on a 20-point scale), almost as high as a center back (19 out of 20), and adequate on the left (14 out of 20) as well.
  • He's reasonably quick and strong and adequate, though not spectacular, in the air.
  • Definitely more of an athlete and a worker than a technique player. As a fullback, you'd expect him to give you more in terms of defensive solidity than bombing forward.
So say the digital scouts...


  1. This is easily the best, most substantive thing I've read on Braseco yet. (Seriously. I trust the FM player ratings far more than a highlight video assembled by United, and even more than the relatively informed speculations of, say, Chest Rockwell.)

    This is super-nerdy, but any chance you could post a screenshot of his stats?

  2. Will do when I get back to the computer with FM on it.