Waiting for Draft Day

Better. Possibly.

We all remember the YouTube greatness of one Cristian Castillo, don't we? Assuming Brasesco pans out (though that's a mighty big assumption considering our recent forays south of the border), we've at least got some reasonable depth at the back if we include the recent addition of Daniel Woolard and the signing of Ethan White to a homegrown contract.

Draft in a reserve guy with the Suppie we just picked up from LA, and you've at least got the numbers in defense. Still, it bears remembering how many goals this lot, now with a few pieces swapped about but still the same core group, shipped last year. You could counter that by claiming the second half of the season was better, injuries played a factor, and Olsen's stamp seemed to produce a less brainfart-happy group at the back. Which will tell this year, and are we done shopping for starting-quality defenders?

And while we're raising questions, you've got to ask if there's international help coming for the attack. As it stands, we've just shipped Cristman, a hard-working, if unspectacular, bench forward (and the type of player I would have expected Olsen to keep around despite his having been an Onalfo signing), leaving us with Wolff, Pontius, and Ngwenya up top. Of course, our numbers in midfield may see Quaranta and Najar getting time on the front line, but we're still shy a dependable boot in front of net. Hard to bank on a draft pick to provide that, so I wonder what sort of irons, be they of the in-league trading or international shopping spree variety, are still in the fire.

Draft day should be an interesting one.


  1. FB- Where do you stand in the Salgado vs. Bruin debate?

    Also, IMHO, I still think that we will trade Simms for #1 pick (Nagbe), at least that will be the base of the trade. In a dream land we would pull that off and still keep the #3 pick.... Thursday is almost here....

  2. Kitchen ;-)

    I'm not hugely familiar with any of the players involved, but I get serious Allsopp Jr. fumes coming off of Bruin. And if we're depending on a draft pick to bang them in, we're in serious trouble.

    To answer your question though...combined with my hope that we're not done scouring the international market for a proven goal-getter, I'd opt for the larger upside of Salgado if it came down to Salgado vs. Bruin. Probably wouldn't need the #3 pick to get Salgado though...

  3. Yeah, I have the same worries about Bruin. We won't be able to move up to #1 cheaply, so you can count on it costing our #3, a player, and probably a later round pick. In other words: DON'T DO IT!