Couldn't find a reliable stream in the bunker at an undisclosed location last night, so no reaction piece to United's 1-0 loss away to KC. Watching the condensed match wasn't much help save that Willis looks a reliable #2, we backpass too much, we carry no threat without De Rosario, and any match where we're looking to Ngwenya to save us is an automatic loss.

Glimmer of hope? Early in the season (or last season), this would have been 3- or 4-0. Of course, better finishing by KC and we're looking at the same scoreline so...meh?

Weakest link? Second straight match where the opposition's lone tally comes courtesy of an assist off Woolard's noggin. Of course, same could be said of a Jakovic failure to close down.


There are still games in hand to claim a playoff spot, but they've yet to be taken advantage of. Even if they are, I don't see any signs that this current lot is going to be doing any post-season damage.

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