Rain Delay

Wee Folk in the Rain (courtesy DCUnited.com)
Nice gallery of rain shots up over on United's site (though apparently it didn't rain from '97 to '07). First glance at this particular shot had me thinking Photoshop because the ball looked so huge. Then I realized who the players were...

So no match = no reaction post, though I would have hit significant delays with youth soccer conflicts and the mid-afternoon reschedule anyway. Instead, I'll react to those conditions above.

As a fullback, those were games to dread because a tricksy winger might leave you red-faced and sodden-arsed on the slick surface. But they were also games to savor when you started getting pockets of standing water. The ball just stops dead, the winger comes for it, and man-oh-man can you slide forever on wet grass without losing momentum. I know the laws of physics say it's not possible, but there were times I swore I gained speed as I slid into tackles.

I know a few wingers who might agree...



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