Hello Chaff, Any Wheat In There?

The list for the Re-Entry Draft is out. Any interesting targets for United?

Ante Jazic: To old (36 before 2012 season starts) and too expensive ($115k salary), but plays a position of need. This would be an extreme reach, even at a reduced salary in Stage 2.

Bobby Boswell: Way too expensive ($210k salary) and we’re probably set with McDonald and Jakovic in the middle of defense, but … Jakovic struggles to stay healthy and will be doing qualifier duty for Canada next year if healthy. White proved himself capable as a rookie and Russell can fill in if needed, so again, a stretch1.

Hunter Freeman: I know we just acquired Russell and both are natural right backs, but both can play on the left as well where the likely departure of Burch2 leaves us with only the mediocre-at-best Woolard. That said, doesn’t seem like a “Benny” kinda guy. And $150k? Bit steep.

Adam Cristman: Hahahahaha! Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Kheli Dube: Not really that interesting, but $90k when we’re jettisoning half of our current crop of forwards is. Would smack a bit of desperation despite that.

Pat Phelan: $60k for backup/cover for Kitchen at d-mid? Maybe. How’s he doing with the concussions?

Carlos Mendes: Direct from the enemy, but a solid veteran presence who can play across the entire back line. $100k salary.

Jean Alexandre: Still raw after three years in the league and a brute to boot, but a solid physical presence, cheap ($42k?) and can slot in at a number of positions.

Nelson Gonzalez: Interesting player and cheap ($42k). Wonder what the sticking point with RSL is? And isn’t he on loan from Quilmes?

Bobby Convey: Huge ($300k+) salary is a major roadblock and didn’t leave on the best of terms, but could be an interesting left back option at a (much) lower salary.

Nate Jaqua: See Dube, Kheli … though a bit less of a stretch. $140k is too much.

Jonathan Leathers: Cheap ($42k) back line depth. Less appealing with Russell in the fold.

Keep in mind that the salary figures listed here are for 2011, so any Stage 1 draftees will likely be above, if not well above, the listed figures. Remember Ngwenya was listed at something like $77k last year, and we ended up paying him more than double that.

With all of that said, I’m not seeing any names, even in that reduced short list, that are hugely tempting.


  1. Unless, of course, you factor in that we were willing to snap up another Houston reject, Ngwenya, last year and pay him over $150k. Sigh. ↩

  2. Finally. ↩


  1. Convey won't play left back, just to let you know. That was the crux of his falling out with Yallop. And you forgot to mention Ryan Cochrane, though he may fall in the Adam Cristman category...

  2. I didn't expect Convey's salary demands to be realistic either, but thanks for the word on his positional pig-headedness (not that it surprises me). And I didn't forget Cochrane; I read every name on that list. You can take from that what you will.

  3. Any comment of Maicon Santos from Dallas or Danleigh Borman? Either could make sense in either round as depth, since we just cut 1/3 of our roster...

  4. Meh.

    (That enough of a comment for you ;-)

    Note that we didn't cut 1/3 of our roster, we just said we weren't going to pick up their current options. Assuming nobody picks them up in the draft, we can still negotiate new deals with them, though I suspect you're right and we've seen the last of most of those guys.

    Now, back to Santos and Borman.

    Borman's just another USL-quality fullback, and we've already got a couple of those. I'm hoping we're actually in the market for a quality left back so that Woolard/Korb are the depth. I don't see Borman as much of an upgrade on either of those guys, but if we're going to be splashing the cash on forwards, he might be an interesting budget option.

    Santos? Streaky. Sulky. Scores the odd wonder-goal but misses on way too many good chances. Not a fan.

  5. PS: In case it wasn't clear from the above, Borman should have been on my list of interesting names. Santos? Not so much...

    Alexandre and Boswell are off the table as the former was traded to the Quakes and the latter signed a new deal with Houston.

  7. Convey is now gone as well... he was traded to SKC....

    I agree with your opinion of Santos's skill set, however if he took a 20K pay cut down to 5 figures, i'd take him in the second round.

    As for Borman, I still think there is some youth and potential there(and speed), and for that cheap salary he'd be worth a 1st round flier, assuming the FO does not have another LB option up there sleeve(which I fear they don't), however I feel like we have a better chance of landing a international striker then we do an international right back...

  8. Hedjuk for LB, anyone?? Ha-Ha-Ha

  9. Jazic is off the table as well.

    Still holding out hope that the FO isn't content with Woolard starting at left back and has better options than Bornstein .... ooops! I meant Borman of course. Silly me. Quick left back/mid with little to recommend him as an actual defender and promising much going forward but ultimately failing to deliver. What was I thinking?

  10. Meant to say left back earlier.... I can't stand them on the USMNT level, but what i wouldn't give to have a Pearce or Bornstein man the left side for United. It'd be an upgrade... Davies rights to Portland for Bornsteins rights??

  11. Althought we didn't draft anyone today, I think it was only because Borman went 2nd overall.... I think if Borman was there then we would not have passed on the 1st stage...