Changing of the Guard

The Sounders traded with the Vancouver Whitecaps to earn the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and used it to select defender Marc Burch, who spent the past five seasons with D.C. United. Terms of the trade with Vancouver were not released and are expected to be made public by the clubs later on Monday.
Wait...what? They traded up? To get Burch? Really? Huh. That said, I'm pretty sure Sigi was in charge at Columbus when they brought Burch in from LA on a trade. Of course, I'm also pretty sure he was in charge when they sent him packing to United less than a year later...

United also lost Simms, and some quiet, steady character along with him, but I'm on board with cutting ties there. Going to be weird seeing him in Revolution colors, and I can't imagine Heaps making a thug of him, so I wonder what the Elbower-in-Chief imagines he's getting in Simms. We shall see.

Roster's starting to look a bit thin. Methinks it's time to fire up the "What I Want For Christmas" post series again, eh? Your pardon while I go compile my notes...


  1. On a scale of one to ten, how surprised are you that DCU cut 9 players and then didn't even pick up one on the cheap?

  2. Also, put Jalen Robinson on the wish list...

  3. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the cuts that had to be made were made. Not so sure about others. Didn't see a whole lot that I personally found tempting in the Re-Entry Draft either but maybe saw the usefulness of a couple of names. Hard to put a scale number to that sort of mushiness, isn't it? Color me decidedly skeptical about the FO's ability to dredge up foreign aid as well so that drags the notional mushy number down as well.



  4. I agree with your thoughts. The pool of talent available this year was less then adequate at best. Still, I thought we'd pick up someone on the cheap for depth. Therefore, my number would be a 6.