DC United 2012 Roster Reset #2

Nick DeLeon, courtesy dcunited.com

Hey, look, finally an addition to the roster! United picked up versatile attacker (is he a winger, a forward, an attacking midfielder?…Hmm, I’m sensing a pattern here) Nick DeLeon1 in the SuperDraft. I don’t watch much collegiate ball, so I’m not going to pass any judgement on the pick. We’ll have plenty of time for that in the weeks and months to come, right?

Of course, the pick comes hot on the heels of the Goffster laying down the news that da Luz looks likely to try his luck elsewhere rather than accept United’s invite to a pre-season trial. So if you were assuming da Luz would make the squad as wing depth, DeLeon basically slots right into that vacancy, leaving the FO still needing the exact same pieces to complete the puzzle.

How might they do that? Goff continues…

United plans to invite several trialists to camp. Kasper declined to identify the candidates but said they’d come from the free agent market, U.S. lower leagues and undrafted college players.

Vive le médiocrité!

The updated roster looks like this…

Salary Budget Players (minimum 18 required)

  1. D (I) Jakovic, Dejan
  2. D Woolard, Daniel
  3. D Korb, Chris2
  4. D McDonald, Brandon
  5. D Russell, Robbie
  6. D/M Kitchen, Perry3
  7. M Morsink, Kurt
  8. M King, Stephen4
  9. M (I, DP) Boskovic, Branko
  10. M/F DeLeon, Nick
  11. M/F De Rosario, Dwayne
  12. M/F Pontius, Chris
  13. F Wolff, Josh
  14. F Brettschneider, Blake

Optional Salary Budget Players (maximum 2 allowed)

Off-Budget Players (maximum 10 allowed)

  1. GK (HG) Hamid, Bill
  2. GK (HG) Willis, Joe
  3. D (HG) White, Ethan
  4. D/M (HG) Shanosky, Conor
  5. M (HG) Najar, Andy


  1. D Zayner, Jed

  1. Allow me to lay down a pre-emptive tweet/post title for when DeLeon scores a vital goal…DeLeon Pounces! Sigh. ↩

  2. Korb turns 25 this year, making him (to my understanding under previous year’s rules) ineligible for Off-Budget status. ↩

  3. Graduated from Generation Adidas. ↩

  4. Listed as Off-Budget on dcunited.com, but turned 25 last year. Doesn’t that make him ineligible for Off-Budget status? ↩

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