Nick DeLeon Highlights + Interview

Kid looks to have a pretty impressive mix of technique and athleticism in the highlight package. Will it translate to MLS?


  1. He likes to play on the left side but I can't tell if he has a left foot. Most of the highlights show him using his noggin or shooting with his right foot...a la Chris Pontius. So you are right, he does look like depth given Santino's and da Luz's departures. Feels like we are treading water so far. Would love to see us bring in an attacking midfielder to play in the middle and a finisher - guys that can feed, interact and finish off of DeRo.

    My Great Carnak predction (which is always wrong) - DCU makes a move for Ching - allocation money plus Dave Kasper and a stadium to be named later.

    1. If only it were so easy to get rid of Kasper.

      Not sure I'd agree with the need for a dedicated attacking mid given our assortment of hybrid mid/forward types, but a finisher is an absolute necessity.