Quick Thoughts on the Coffee Pot Cup

Just a few notes...

* Didn't show it in the last game, but DeLeon has serious wheels. Had one decent run with the ball, but looked blistering on a couple runs without.

* Not so impressed with Rozeboom this time around. Big effort, but looked more hurried in his efforts and certainly more wasteful with the ball. Not terrible, but not so eye-catching as against the Fire.

* Boskovic looked both more energetic than I expected and less poised on the ball. Odd. Got an assist though.

* Where was Guilherme? He didn't do a hammy already, did he? It's either that or he's got his walking papers. Sigh. Lazarus Act to the rescue? Really?

* Salihi gets 20 minutes and finds the net again. Ready to explode or this year's Brettschneider? Price tag, track record, and stage of career suggest the former. We shall see. Impressive that he's doing this only having been in camp a week or so.

* Jakovic much better than vs. Fire.

* Najar anonymous at right back, volcanic at right wing. Cruz did have some good runs at the defense (with no end result) while he manned that flank, but Najar is a holy terror on the ball.

Certainly not a pretty game, but a result, and the third goal was a thing of beauty -- Najar's barnstorming dribbling exhibition leaves defenders strewn in his wake, quick dish and go with Wolff and Najar's cross from the endline to the wide-open Salihi who makes the smart run to tap in. More of that, please!

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