What's That Caked on Your Fan?

Oh dear...
In conversation after conversation, the same themes emerged:

— Klinsmann and chief assistant Martin Vasquez either lack the tactical acumen and game-day chops to successfully lead the team or fail to communicate their wishes effectively.

— Too much time and too many resources are spent on initiatives that don’t translate to the field.

— Constant lineup changes and building resentment over the perceived importance and attitude of the German-born players are harming team chemistry.
Read the whole, damning thing, I'll wait.

I'm beginning to think that my Klinsmann : USMNT :: Sven : El Tri analogy is going to bear some nasty fruit and my suspicions upon Klinsmann's appointment in 2011 are about to be proved valid...
It’s all about rolling the dice. Sticking with Bradley would have resulted in qualification and early dismissal in Brazil. Results with Klinsmann depend on delegation. The whole thing might click wonderfully or explode in our faces.

Given solid, experienced heads around him, he can focus on what he does best: being the motivational figurehead. That leads to Germany in 2006. If instead he thinks he’s the next Rinus Michels, we get the Bayern abomination.


  1. I am by no means an expert but I have nevetr been excited about the hiring of Klinsman. I think he is currently doing about equally well as Bradley did and I don't see that changing. The person I have always wanted to see as our USMNT coach is Dominic Kinnear. Am I crazy to think that?

  2. Depends if you want pretty soccer or brutal, effective soccer. Would be interesting to see if Kinnear would play the same way with a higher class of players at his disposal, I suppose.

  3. I don't think Kinnear could pull it off at the higher level. I could see an argument to bring Arena back instead or even Sigi.