Toe the Line, Don't Ask Questions!

In case you missed it, senior editor Simon Borg decided that the kerfuffle over Klinsmann-gate (see yesterday's post) is all on the players. Apparently, we should all put our trust in Klinsmann because of his vast experience and not bother to challenge his reign or methods at all. If you were smart, you stopped reading at paragraph #4...
Because in the end, what serious soccer professional would try to publicly undermine their coach and their team in that fashion?
Honestly? Does Borg even pay attention to the sport he supposedly covers? You'd think a passing familiarity with the game and its history on the larger scale would be a requirement for a "senior editor," wouldn't you?

Oh wait: here's a nugget from the last paragraph (yes, I survived the slog through it so you won't have to)...
As someone commented to me yesterday: That story about Klinsmann could be any soccer coach out there. 
Uh-huh. So which is it?

Herculez Gomez has a much better take, also on
Gomez [...] even hailed Straus' work, which called into question several key aspects of head coach Jurgen Klinsmann's stewardship of the squad.

“I love it – I love it,” he said. “It's about time. It's about damn time you guys took some interest and you guys started asking some tough questions. I think that shows us growing as a footballing nation, I really do.
Right on, Herc.


  1. I figured you would weigh in on this and you didn't disappoint! Right On!

  2. Why are you looking for reason in a Borg article?