So what’s up with this #DigDeep hashtag that I see following #dcu around the Twitterverse? Possible meanings that I can come up with off the top of my head?

  • A none-too-subtle message to the ownership to loosen the purse strings and #DigDeep in the moneybags for some filthy lucre to be splashed on reliable finishing.
  • A hint to the fan-base that if they want a stadium, they’ll need to #DigDeep foundations themselves.
  • To get a big enough hole to bury the frustrated ambitions, hopes, and dreams of the supporters, we all need to #DigDeep.
  • To plumb new depths in the MLS records for futility you’ve got to #DigDeep.
  • It’s all part of some elaborate PR stunt encouraging us to #Dig somebody named #Deep. Wait…Deep could be a nickname for Sandeep, and a casual Google search reveals plenty of Sandeeps in Indonesia. Hmmm. Now who do we know in Indonesia?

Any other suggestions?


  1. DCU will have to #DigDeep in order to make me renew my season tickets!

  2. Dig Deep...the hole in which the team, coach and FO will be buried in.

  3. In re: #digdeep - No idea.

    Awesome to see a post, though! I know it's hard to stay motivated - if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all, that sort of thing - but I've always liked reading you, Michael.

    1. Thanks. Wrote and aborted several posts over the last few months but seem to be re-discovering the old urge of late. You'd think having so much to complain about would have been an adequate spur, but then, I've always been a touch contrary...

  4. DCU IS GOING TO #DIGDEEP!! ROCHAT!!!! This season is turning around! Watch out Eastern Conference! WOO HOO!!!

    Ohhh.... a defensive guy? What? He's only under contract for five more months? He's on the wrong side of 30?!? And we gave up a second round pick and an additional 2016 pick to be determined?!?!?