United Recap - Ugh!

The good: Fred is really starting to assert himself. Now he's just got to learn to stay on his feet a little longer in MLS cause he won't get the calls by just falling over. Burch played really well for a first start at the left back spot. His performance, combined with what we've seen from McTavish is a big positive when assessing defensive depth, though I still think we could use a bit more quality back there. This wasn't what I'd call an impressive performance by United, but we did create more chances than we surrendered and should have had at least 2, if not more.

The bad: Carroll needs to get his ass on the bench and figure out how to play quicker and harder. Hell, I'd settle for one or the other. I know, I know, he's not a 'pure' d-mid and plays much better in the 3-5-2 with two holding mids since he doesn't have to cover as much ground or make the biting tackle. But, and there always is a but, we've pretty much gone to the 4-4-2 and he's not hacking it in there alone. Trade bait anyone? Perkins again. Like two of Dallas' three last week, if he comes, he needs to get the ball. Vanney hasn't really shored up the back has he? His passing is decent, though he often "goes Carroll" and holds it a bit too long in bad spots. I'm not sold and have serious doubts that I ever will be.

The ugly: 1-0. 'nuff said. Addlery is not MLS material. Abbey Okulaja is just awful. Fred deserved his red, but he was being shoved and tugged all game and got no love from Abbey. To be fair, he did miss a penalty call each way, so at least that evened out i guess. United needs to finish. (duh!)

Bottom line is that we fashioned enough chances and limited theirs. That should equal a win or at least a draw and it didn't, which means we didn't finish well enough. Gomez and Addlery were both guilty of blowing golden opportunities, but at least Gomez made some contributions to the game. We were hurting a bit getting going without Olsen's fire and Moreno's possession. Still, a game we should have won and one that we may end up ruing come the playoffs. This one will have to be chalked up to a bit of a karma bitchslap from the KC game a few weeks ago.

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