Tickle v. Tackle 13

  • Ah, TFC fans, you done us all proud! Streamer bombardments, abusive signs, vile chants. I particularly enjoyed the venom displayed towards the Gal-in-chief - Captain Kissypants himself. All that self-smooching still creeps me out. For Christ's sake man, you've got a cute wife - save the canoodling for her!
  • Emiligol steps up and buries the Revs. He may have started off slowly in MLS, but he's starting to find his feet and now has pulled neck and neck with EJ for the golden boot. United's possession game suddenly becomes a much more dangerous animal when we've got a "fox in the box" to finish the chances.
  • DC does the business in Foxboro sans the big guns. Does this mean that the youth is really stepping it up, that the Revs overlooked us a bit, or maybe the old stars aren't shining quite as brightly as they used to?
  • So, Jozy wants to go to Europe. Good for him. He's big, young, and talented. Let him give it a shot. I'm sure he's talked to Reyna and Angel, not to mention U-20 teammates Zimmerman, Ferrari, and Smith, and knows what to expect.
  • OK, ESPN, enough with the Beckham Cam already! How many times did they go to that dry well during the game with TFC? The thing sets my personal gyroscope all to hell when the picture swoops out like that. There's gonna be drunken vomiting and soccer moms freaking out over epileptic kids all over the place if they're doing that crap a dozen or so times during games.
  • Yes Virginia - the Revs are a bunch of thugs. Moreno gets hacked out of the game within minutes of his arrival by the cheap-shot (Heaps-shot?) artists in blue. Was that Alex Prus out there missing all those calls? Who cares, if it's not him, it's one of the other hacks. Come on MLS HQ, let's get some consistent refs. And by consistent, I don't mean consistently awful. It's just sad that I have to qualify statements like that.
  • Szetela to Roma? Really? The kid struggles to break into the starting lineup of the Crew and now he's going to one of the top sides in Europe? Hmm, wonder how many years he'll spend on loan before he gets his shot at the Roma first team? My guess is two years of obscurity followed by slinking back to MLS and the Metrobulls (where he always wanted to be anyway) with his tail between his legs. Prove me wrong kid.
  • Colorado embarrasses all of MLS. 5-0? That's shameful against MLS competition, but against a USL side? I know USL has some good teams, and it's really not that surprising to see some 1-0, maybe even 2-0 or 3-0, but 5-0? Ouch. Clavijo out!
  • The Owls land Jeffers. Ugh. Okay, I guess he's an Owl now so, much as it pains me to say this - welcome aboard Franny! He did fairly brisk business for Ipswich on loan at the tail end of last season, so maybe the Championship is where he belongs. I don't know what it is, but after last season ended so well, I'm starting to get a bit of a bad feeling about this season for Wednesday.

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