Tickle v. Tackle - Now with Soap-opera-esque Majesty!


Bobby Convey looks to have completed his long journey back from injury. Phew, just in time to step into the vacant left wing spot left open by DaMarcus Beasley's unfortunate long-term injury. US National Team left wingers - the new Spinal Tap drummers! Ohhhh, and the traditional left winger number is "11". Freaky! . . . Did MLS HQ finally grow a backbone and put the kibosh on LA's acquisition of Ruiz, or didn't they? Regardless, there are mega-deals coming that will reshape the league for 2008, it's just a matter of who, what, when, where, why, and how much . . . Ah MLS, your shadowy council of elders warping their own nebulous rules, the ongoing circus that is the designated player rule, and the soap-opera-esque majesty of your plodding progress into the 21st century only serve to further enhance your status as the bushest of the bush leagues. I kid, I kid--because I love, warts and all . . .


United's talks with Gomez have stalled, with the sticking point apparently being a two-year contract guarantee. Now the trade rumors begin to float. Am I the only one who wonders about the wisdom of pissing away the DP spot on Veron, admittedly an outstanding player, but an unproven quantity in MLS, while letting the best player in the league over the last three years walk because you can't give him another year on his contract? Yes, Yes, I remember the latter stages of the Marco era, but I also remember a suspended Gomez banging a drum with the supporters in the swamp too . . . Honestly, the Red Bulls are like a spoiled child! Mommy, mommy, Jimmy's coach came into the league and made an immediate impact, resurrecting the fortunes of a struggling franchise. I want him, I want him! But Johnny, you could pick any of these other bright, shiny new coaches over here. NO! I want THIS ONE! . . . Troy Perkins is going to Europe huh? Hopefully he doesn't disappear down the same Scandanavian abyss that Adin Brown did. Remember him? On a related note--would I take Cannon as a replacement? Cap issues aside--abso-freakin-lutely!

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