You're the Front Office: A Cup of Joe?

Previously, we've looked at the scope and type of coverage that you, dear reader, would like to see as FBF plunges heedlessly on into an uncertain future. This will be the final poll in Stage One of the off-season rewiring project, and I thank you for your patience thus far.

Well, this is always an awkward thing, particularly in today's economic climate, so let's just close our eyes and jump right in, shall we? I do this blog because I love the game, and I love sharing opinions about it. As such, you never need to fear a deluge of crass commercialism at FBF. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate earning a little scratch either.

The reasons?

(1) To justify to my family why I spend so much time slaving over this thing.
(2) I'm a footie junkie and I like coffee.

Huh? Where am I going with that #2? Well, anything that comes my way financially from the Fullback Files will be rolled into my coffee and soccer habits. My current meager sponsorship covers my subscription and a handful of soccer books every year. More financial backing = more post-fodder. I wouldn't mind adding a Setanta Broadband subscription, more books for my stash and, above all, more live matches.

And that's where you come in. Look, I honestly don't expect much. The fact that you read (and hopefully comment/share) is payment enough for my ego. That said, even if you don't, won't, or can't spare a dime, there are ways to feed my habit (affiliate links, ads, etc.). The one thing I don't want to do is turn anybody off by packing the site to the rafters with ads, so you can be sure that won't be happening. What I want to know is: which avenue of financial backing offends you the least or (God bless you!) interests you the most?

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