You're the Front Office: Feature Presentation

Time for more off-season soul-searching and radio button clicking, so get those trigger fingers warmed up.

Last time around, we looked at what leagues, nations, clubs, etcetera you'd like to see me covering. This time out, we're going to take a gander at the type of posts you think I should be churning out. First, let's take a look at what you're currently visiting this site in search of (please check all that apply):

And now, let's move on to whether you're looking for me to get a little ambitious by expanding my coverage. Again, please check all that apply (or none if you're so inclined):

Finally, if you'd be so kind, please feel free to leave additional answers that didn't make my lists and any suggestions you might have in the comments below. And thanks so much for participating in the People's Democratic Republic of FBF Front Office ;-).


  1. Seems like you're always looking to improve, which is great. But keep it up. Don't stop whatcha doing, man. I appreciate it.