Around the World in 80 Seconds

Going through MLS withdrawal in the SuperWake of the SuperDraft? Me too. As nobody seems to want to scratch my itch by having high-profile draftees courting femme fatale, cigarette smoking Euro-tramp-clubs or putting together blockbuster trades that seem to make no sense to any of the sides involved, I figured we'd visit the rest of the world for some high drama. Got your bags packed?

You Want Drama?

Drama? Did you say drama? How about the demise of Ramón Calderón at Real Madrid? Sid Lowe's take on Real's weekend defeat of Osasuna (end of the linked article) also makes for some interesting reading (tough ref!). And what about the debacle at Feyenoord? Wasn't this supposed to be happening to McClaren and FC Twente? Nope--they're a comfortable third. Who'd-a-thunk it?

Normal Nonsense?

Yes, yes--but isn't all of this the normal sort of nonsense that goes on around the world of professional football? Yep. And what does seeing it up close do to a journalist who used to be a fan? Glad you asked. And while we're on the topic of fans: where exactly is "the line that must not be crossed"? ("Even if ... well, he is one?"--classic!) MLS HQ--get your FamilyFriendlyMeter out and start measuring for the placement of that line, because the teething problems we experienced in the last few years are probably just the beginning.

Speaking of "Even if he is one" . . .

Why is John Terry anywhere near the FIFA 2008 Team of the Year? The rest of the list is at least plausible (even if it wouldn't be my World Best XI), but Terry is an overrated hack and fits Glenndenning's epithet ("Even if he is one") to a capital "T". Ugh. Just ugh for the poor saps who voted Terry in. Or was the fix in?

End On a High!

But let's bring it back to US Soccer with a touch of class. Yes, Marcus Tracy ditched MLS for some sexy Danish viking-lass, but read on. The kid seems to have a pretty decent head on his shoulders, and I wish him luck in his Euro-adventures. How long until the "Why won't Bob call him up?" posts start making the rounds? Let the countdown begin!

Ah, welcome home! Now, what did my RSS net pull from the stormy sea of footie news about our lovely domestic scene? Still empty? I suppose there is a more important story going on in this country today. Let the waiting game resume . . .

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