United Rumor Roundup III: Whither the Mivdun?

Hmmm, things are still disturbingly quiet given that the draft has come and gone. About all we've clarified since last time is that the Walter Martinez acquisition is a work in progress and that we're working several angles on a Mystery Veteran Defender of Unknown Nationality (a Mivdun?). Also, there has been mention of interest in a young right-sided midfielder from a domestic Jamaican team. Anything to add to the mix? How about one interesting rumor and one bit of speculation?

The Rumor

Former US National Team, and current 1860 Munich, center back Gregg Berhalter is apparently weighing his options. The decision? Whether to say on in Germany or return for a last hurrah in MLS. The rumored destinations for the 35 year-old veteran are the Red Bulls, and yes, you guessed it, DC United.

My take? A veteran defender who can bring a bit of poise and organization to the back line and won't take up an international spot? Sounds good. Of course, I don't remember Berhalter ever being the most blessed with speed. Amend that. He's slow. Will veteran savvy and positioning cover that deficit?

An interesting rumor as far as that goes, and I'm sure the FO would be interested, but salary demands might be a sticking point. Then again, clearing the Gonzalos off the roster does create a bit of cap space. Treat this one as suspect until the Goffster lets us know otherwise.

The Speculation

Now, from all the noises the FO are making, it seems that second round draft pick, goalkeeper Milos Kocic, was on their radar for a while. But let's pause for a moment and consider that Kocic may have Euro-options. If this is so, might a developmental salary be just the impetus he needs to jump back across the ocean? Again, assuming that the FO understands this, are they prepared to offer him a senior roster spot? Were they prepared to do that when they made the pick?

If they were, that says to me that either (a) they're banking on Crayton jumping ship when his contract is up in the summer or (b) Wells may be in the shop window. Why?
  1. Crayton's $175k is a big cap hit to swallow for questionable returns and a contract that runs out mid-summer. He's not ideal trade bait.
  2. Wells' salary fits in better under the cap, and he's a domestic player, making him a more likely candidate to trade.
  3. If we have 20 senior roster spots, we're not going to use 3 of them on keepers (I hope!)
Now, if Kocic is willing to sign a developmental deal, this is all idle speculation. But if he isn't, and if the FO thinks Kocic is a better option than Wells at #2, then I think Wells is on the block. Of course, given last year's performances, his trade value isn't what it once was, but I wonder if a package of Wells (and possibly a draft pick) could net a reasonable quality MLS center back to help us address those depth issues?

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