Announcing . . . The FBF Glossary

Slow news day, eh? Well, I'm busy with the first of the long-promised changes that are going to be coming to FBF over the next couple of weeks as we wend our merry way towards First Kick 2009. I'll be posting the first couple of entries to the new "FBF Glossary" over the next couple of days.

There will be a link in the navigation bar at the top that allows you to jump right to the glossary when you come across a Fullback-ism you aren't familiar with. Whenever a term, nickname, or phrase begins to creep into common parlance (mine, or perhaps commenters'), I'll try to get an entry into the glossary as soon as possible. Of course, you can always alert me to something that you feel is missing at any time via email or by leaving a comment.

Why don't you start right now? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and I'll add them to my stack of "to-do's."

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