Every Dog Must Have Its Day

Every once in a very great while, Chad Barrett does something to remind us all that he really is getting paid* to play soccer in a professional capacity. Case in point: the solitary goal in TFC's home victory over Montreal in the Nutrilite Voyageurs Cup**...

Huh? Is he allowed to do that? Of course, in true Barrett fashion, he managed to pull off this hit outside the dubious limelight of MLS, thus relegating his strike to the short-term memory of a few thousand in the Great White North and the assorted ranks of the interweb nut-jobbery***.

* To the astonishing tune of $195,000 ($202,500 guaranteed). Kinda puts DC's "overpaying" of Fred and Crayton in perspective, doesn't it?
** Not a beverage or yogurt-based snack. See?
*** I'm a card-carrying charter member****, how about you?
**** As demonstrated by this liberal use of asterisks


  1. I won't soon forget his feet first slide at the corner flag right in front of us in the Barra at Toyota Park in June of 2008 after scoring to give the Fire the 1-0 lead. The smirk on his face and his general proximity was enough to irk us all.

    And then Jaime Moreno happened. And then Luciano Emilio happened, and it was 2-1 9-man United at the final whistle.

    Still, Eff you, Chad Barret. Eff you.

  2. Okay, Montreal isn't T-Ball, but you have to admit its pretty close. Let little Chad play and take a few swings while the big boys play hardball.

  3. Montreal is pretty close to T-Ball?

    Hmmm, must have been some other Montreal that advanced further in the CONCACAF Champions' League than the best and the brightest MLS had to offer (including, lest we forget, DC United). Must be some other Montreal that regularly draws over 10k for home matches (jealous, Dallas?). Must be some other Montreal that boasts a pretty successful record in North American soccer over the last couple of decades.

    Just because it's not MLS doesn't make it pretty close to T-ball. I think the Open Cup and Champions' League have proved that.