Feature Creep | Huh?

Seeing as how we're only a few short weeks away from MLS First Kick (here's hoping!), I thought it was time to survey my domain a bit. Inspired by the pruning and shaping that goes on in forming up MLS rosters, I thought I'd throw my own cards on the table in a similar fashion. You know, line up the features that I run (even if they're on hiatus or life support), cutting out the dead wood and entertaining fresh-faced young hopefuls on trial.

So that's what we'll attempt to do with Feature Creep. I'll outline the directions I think I'll be heading this year, and you tell me how horribly, horribly wrong I am or make suggestions for features you'd like to see. I'll stick with the Roster Reset formulation. If you don't remember what a certain feature implies, I already linked to the cheat sheet, but I'll do it again, or you can read the recent examples I've helpfully provided links for...

Senior Roster

  1. MLS Dogpile - Sure I've been doing it for a while, but I've got an axe, and I'm not afraid to use it. The Dogpile was fun for a while, and it does provide the stated mission of the blog (namely, my opinion as a fan). But I'm tiring of it and wonder if it wouldn't be better left to the likes of Ives...
  2. MLS Table Talk - This one's a conundrum wrapped in a mystery burrito. I know there are folks who like the numbers talk, and, frankly, my initial intent was to split this into two features: (1) the Table Talk just presenting the unified table and (2) a Stat Chat looking into the deeper numbers. That said, it does present an inordinate amount of work for relatively little payoff. So should I invite Stat Chat to camp? Does Table Talk remain on the senior roster?
  3. Tickle v. Tackle - TvT has been on hiatus for a while now, and I'm not sure whether I should bring it back roll it into a new feature.
  4. The FBF Glossary - I haven't made a new entry in a while, so suggestions are welcome. I'll probably keep it on board, but wonder if there's any interest beyond my own?
  5. Match Reaction - These obviously stay on board. They're pretty much the backbone of the blog. Duh.
  6. What I Want For Christmas (and the WIWFC in July summer transfer window sideshow) - I like the feature, and it general gets some good discussion surrounding it, but I thought I cut the heart out a little with the "United Autopsy" this past year. Thoughts?

Developmental Roster

  1. Monday Back Pass - This feature never really got going, caught as it was between my various "Random Pings" posts and the match reactions. Does it have a future?
  2. DCU|FM Challenge - I had fun with the one I did at the close of last season. So much so that I'm thinking of doing it twice a year. Once in the spring with the roster DC United has going into the season, and once in the fall in the aftermath of the season's end.
  3. United Autopsy - This trial is probably only a formality, as it's an obvious addition to the lineup. Thoughts?
  4. Roster Reset - I think 2010 is the first time I formalized this feature, but it looks pretty useful on first blush.


  1. Match Reaction Compilation - I don't know what I'm going to call this feature--if I even decide to do it (I'm not sure I'm the right one for the job, maybe Black and Red United?), but there's been a screaming void in this department since D left the party.
  2. WC Roster Dance - Just a working title. I thought I'd do something similar to the Roster Reset for Bob's 23 going to South Africa. Maybe a "lock/bubble/out" division of players and then the 23 I'd take (on current fitness/form) versus who Bob's likely to take. Any interest in that?

Too much relentless navel-gazing? Perhaps. I just figured I'd do a little of my thinking in public so that if there's something you really like that I don't see a future for, you can try for a stay of execution.

Good luck with that. I'm a heartless bastard when it comes to pulling the trigger... most times. (See how I left you with some hope? Heartless bastard, I tell ya!)


  1. I, for one, like the FBF Glossary and I hope you keep it on deck. The 'Clydewinder Missile' has found its way into my vocabulary, but I never get to use it because there are no DC United fans in Vermont, so who would get the reference?

  2. And oh man, if you could get a match reaction compilation a la DCenters going, with a little snippet from each one, I would be so happy. It's one thing to be skeptical of one fan's analysis; it's quite another when the fan includes links to other fans' analyses to compare and contrast with his own. Such a classy feature. (Also, when I used to run Six Yards North, it would always tickle me when D would link to my lowly little site. Felt like I hit the big time, tell you what.)

  3. Yeah, I tried to get something similar going at the end of last season, but I prefer the emotionally charged reaction in the immediate aftermath of the game. Wrapping up everything into a pretty package, rationalizing the response, and teasing out the meta-themes... not really my metaphorical ballgame.

    But if there's enough call for it and Shatz/Chest don't have it covered, I'll give it a go (and leave everybody pining for the return of D ;-).

  4. A few things:
    1. I'm definitely going to borrow this idea and use it to get some opinions on my own features.

    2. You know I'm a big fan of your WIWFC and DCU|FM features. I also think the FBF Glossary is a must as an irregular feature. I only regret that N'Galula wasn't here long enough for you to come up with a new word that incorporates "Flo".

    3. To be totally honest, I visit your site a couple times a week and I always seem to breeze past the Table Talk posts. So I wouldn't be sad to see those go. The Dogpile though has always been entertaining because they showcase your humor a bit more.

    4. I don't have any real plans to do match reaction/link compilations, so have at it if you want. Though B&RU will have some variation of D's old insta-reactions, followed by a longer post a day or so later.

  5. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd have the time to do an effective Dogpile and the match-reaction mix tape. Of those two, I'd probably favor doing the reaction-compilation bit, because the Dogpiles never sparked much in the way of conversation. They got a fair few hits, but were tailing off a bit last season, possibly because I was souring on them and readers could tell.